Rebranding: A success story

The challenge:
A popular chamber orchestra was at a crossroads. Their music director, the face of the organization and the primary reason for past success, was no longer with them. A potential crisis in ticket sales and community involvement was brewing.

Working alongside the organization,  we discovered that the overall brand was misaligned with key demographics. Through a brand refresh aligned with the new music director, we updated the updated look and feel, messaging, and overall approach to these key demographics, while continuing to nourish their existing audience. We also made minor changes to their outreach programs and community involvement and realigned community involvement with the internal company culture and organizational mission.

The result:
Ticket sales increased by 20% in one season. This positive trend continued in subsequent years.
Targeted community outreach and updated messaging led to increased media coverage by 60% in the first year. After the first year, media coverage maintained at a higher level than before the rebrand.